Surrounded by women all my life who were always making something, seemingly out of nothing,

sparked my creative spirit. I majored in art in high school and went on to graduate from Rhode Island School of Design. Although I no longer work in my field of study, each day and every project has been influenced by the education I received. My career path and life have twisted this way and that, each turn presenting an opportunity to learn something new. Now that I am settled in the wonderful village of Annisquam on a special property that use to be an herb farm I am able to let my imagination run creatively wild.

Again I am surrounded by a group of women who are creative and giving of their talents. The garden is a place of refuge as well as production--the New England work ethic has kept most of the gardens filled with fruits and vegetables with a nod to the Norton sisters, members of the Folly Cove Designers, who grew herbs and many medicinal plants for their mail order business. There are days when I feel their presence here in this special place. My small workroom is piled high with supplies for future projects! -- dried plant materials, containers, papers, books, watercolors, fabrics and, of course, yarn.

As a self-employed designer, I have the freedom to take on a wide range of projects. Another avenue that has opened to me is designing book covers, many for cookbooks but a growing number for authors sharing their thoughts in the new world of self-publishing. Designing greeting cards is a new interest of mine. Finding cards that express my thoughts have led me to create a series of blank notecards. 

But more important than all of this is the desire to help women find an avenue to fulfill their desires to share their talents with others.

I fear I will run out of time before I run out of projects!

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