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Tips & Tricks

Preparing Preserves:

Prepare in wide pot deeper than you think necessary. When the mixture comes to the boil it will need plenty of room to rise into.

Check on the temperature:

The remote reading thermometer is perfect for many jobs. I use mine to check for doneness in fish, meat, bread and in making preserves.

Cleaning the floor: 

I have a Swiffer Sweater but do not like the smell of the pads Swiffer offers. My local market has a store brand that is not scented I like. But … I use scraps of terry toweling, pieces of cotton bedspread that have ended up in the rag bag and dish towels that are no longer presentable. Fold the fabric to the size so it will wrap around the head of the Swiffer, two layers is plenty. Dampen with water and use a little of favorite floor cleaner. Toss the cloth when you are done or rinse and put it through the wash.


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