"Used to be an herb farm" . . .

- the words leapt off the page of real estate listings!

I called for an appointment - just to see it, you know. Two small stone buildings and . . . a greenhouse! What potential. That was late in 2004. Lots of work has been done with lots more to go. The gardens surrounded by stonewalls are filling with herbs, wild flowers, medicinal plants, vegetables and fruit trees. Turkeys walk thru as well as a fox. Hawks glide over head. Hummingbirds visit the arbor with scarlet runners planted just for them. Plans for more garden beds fill the air. Stone walkways are taking shape adding to those that have existed here for years. The greenhouse will be planted again for the fall and winter.

The days fly by! Must get back to work.

This property was part of a larger farm years ago. In more recent years Dorothy Norton, one of the members of the Folly Cove Designers lived here. Her sister Peggy, also a Folly Cove Designer member, lived in the little house out front. They had an herb mail order business with many items offered from the plants they grew.

The gardens are coming along with many loads of seaweed, marsh grass and other compostable materials added. The greenhouse is now thriving after many years of work on the soil. It provides greens for the table most every day. It also houses several potted plants-the neighbor's and mine-during the winter months.

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