Gardens galore!

In February 2005 I bought what use to be an Herb Farm. The property borders a drainage brook which in turn flows into a saltwater cove. The Conservation Commission gave its approval of a small addition to the existing one bedroom structure which now joins the old house to the greenhouse.

There is a certificate here awarding the owners for growing and protecting the native plants. It is my intent to continue that legacy.

The grounds of the Herb Farm have not been tended for many years. There are many trees so sunny locations are few. There are 3 terraced gardens that were over run with plants, one is complete shade and covered with ivy and euonymus. I have tried to be very careful to not disturb the local flowers and herbs. I am finding wild things popping up in several places: digitalis, lunaria, strawberries and trillium for example. In addition to the desired plantings the knotweed had over run the the yard on the West side. It was so dense the well was hidden in a jungle of stalks. By late spring the jewelweed was 3 feet tall covering much of ground not inhabited by the knotweed.

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