A new Victory Garden . . .

I have always enjoyed growing vegetables and fruits. The first garden was on Goose Lane in the mid 1960's. The owner had used organic gardening techniques which appealed to me and suggested I read Ruth Stout's book, No Work Garden Book which is still available! I figured if Ms. Stout could have a big garden at 80 I could too.

I don't remember what we planted only that I loved working in the soil, watching seeds sprout into plants and enjoyed the fruits of our labors.

This winter the house was filled with flats of seedlings. As the weather moderated the flats were moved into the greenhouse then back in the afternoon. Now the plants are all in the gardens.

The Victory Garden which gets a lot of sun and has tomatoes, cantaloupe, squash, pumpkins and companion herbs.

The Back Forty (feet) is home to potatoes, carrots, beets, peas (which are ready to pick), beans, cabbage, cauliflower and companion herbs.

The Upper Great Wall of Annisquam Garden which gets lots of sun is home to lavender, feverfew, chamomile, pennyroyal, yarrow, bergamot, beebalm and a few flowers. The lower garden has more tomatoes, companion herbs and peony.

The Old Kitchen Garden has a wonderful clump of rhubarb in the center which has yielded several pies and sauce. it is surrounded by lemon thyme, a variegated thyme, arnica, angelica, st. johnswort, clary sage, german thyme, sage, dill, hyssop, basil, horseradish, wild onion, globe thistle, valerian, greek oregano and calendula.

And below the well: celery, leeks, several kinds of lettuce and meclun greens.

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