Herbal infused oils . . .

olive oil infused with herbs
There are several options when preparing carrier oils for your products.

Herbs can be used fresh or dried. The infusion can be done over a period of days or weeks or in a matter of hours.

Using fresh plant material & infusing for weeks

Some herbs with give you a better product with more healing characteristics when used fresh. Select a jar that will hold the amount of oil you want to infuse. Can be very small or large. Place the fresh plant materials in the jar in a light pack. Fill to the top. Do not compress the material. You can gently tap the jar on the counter to settle the material.

Now you are ready to add your carrier oil. (On selecting a carrier oil.) Fill almost to the top of the jar leaving a bit of room to accommodate the expanding plant material. Stir with a wooden spoon or bamboo skewer until the bubbles stop rising to the surface and the material stays below the surface. Cover the jar with a paper towel or cloth. Secure with a rubber band. (I store the skewer in the rubber band) You might want to put the jar in a saucer in case the oil overflows.

Keep in a cool, darkish place but not so far away that you forget to stir. Stir each day. Add more oil if needed to keep the plant material covered. You can stop stirring daily when the plant material no longer rises to the top. The best way to check on the progress of the infusing is to smell the oil. As time passes the smell will change. When it smells right to you, decant the oil. (You can ad the spent plant material in your comport pile.) Cover with a lid and store in a cool, dark place until you are ready to use.

Rule of thumb is infuse for 6 weeks but some oils will be ready before that. I have found whole fresh blossoms to be the biggest challenge. Drying them for a while may be the best way to use them. Experiment with your formula and find what works best for you. Remember this is a technique that has developed over many generations and in many cultures around the world. Right or wrong does not enter into this. Best way for you and your materials is the way for you.

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