A change in the weather . . .

It's time to harvest.
Here are two ideas to use some of the herbs from your garden!

Potporri Pie! - A Pie Made with Fabric and Potpourri
By Debbie Colgrove, About.com

"Here is a pie you can make and take with you, no matter how far you are traveling. It makes a wonderful gift for any home. Anytime your potpourri starts to lose it's fragrance, add a drop of fragrant oil to revitalize the pie."

Complete directions

Cat Mouse Toy

By Debbie Colgrove, About.com
catnip mouse
"This little mouse takes very little fabric and will keep any cat happy and busy. Consider making extras for your local animal shelter or rescue organization. The toy features a hook and loop closed bottom so fresh catnip can be added whenever it is needed. "

Complete directions

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