Great news for butter lovers!

From Learning Herbs & Herb Mentor!!!

Myths about butter (- oh, I love it! With all those wonderful vegetables waiting to be eaten it has to be butter.)

In the first issue of their Weekly Holiday Series HerbMentor.com's Rosalee de la Foret shares her favorite recipes for herbal butters.

"In the recent nutritional history, butter was considered to be an unhealthy choice. Butter was labeled as a “fat” and it was also believed that all fats are bad for our health. People mistakenly believed that eating butter led to cardiovascular disease and weight gain."Wildcraft Board Game

"We now know that healthy fats can be a beneficial part of our diet, and some fats even provide essential nutrients. Many fats like butter and olive oil are actually health promoting. While trans fats like margarine and Crisco as well as vegetable fats like canola oil are best to be avoided."

"Butter, especially organic butter from grass fed cows, is high in vitamins and minerals as well as essential fatty acids."

Thank you, Rosalee!

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