Moving on thru Summer . . .

The gardens are overflowing! The lavenders have mostly gone by. The calendula and oregano are filled with blossoms and bees! The scarlet runners are blooming which attract the hummingbirds. Lots of butterflies, dragonflies and birds!

Peaches and grapes are coming along. Still combating the fungus but much less damage this year than last. Corn is getting tall. The cucumbers are coming in among the stalks. Should get some beans plants there too for the 3 Sisters - corn, squash & beans - which worked well last year.

The green beans, Fortex from Johnny's, have done very well again this year. We have two more plantings in to keep the supply coming.

There is nothing like cabbage directly from the garden. Altho' our heads are on the small side they have been wonderful.

Of the different varieties of broccoli we have tried, I like De Cicco best for its side shoots after harvesting the main head.

Yesterday it was very hot here - 103 in the sun. Fortunately for the gardeners, we have a bit of cloud cover with a few drops of rain this morning.  Time to get caught up on the items in the must-do list!

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