Mrblehead Handprints . . .

What do these vintage canvas bags have to do with gardening?

Both bags, created by Molly Haley and Kathy Walters creators of Marblehead Handprints, are still in use. but not as a bag for tennis gear and ski boots.

The tennis bag has arrived at the AHF filled with preserving jars for fall jam and marmalade production and maybe projects for the Annisquam Sewing Circle Fair.

The ski boot bag has served as a carry-on-bag on many trips-a perfect size! While standing in line in the '90's at an airport in the Bahamas I heard a voice behind me ask, "Is that a Marblehead Handprints bag?" Can not go anywhere without being seen! More often the ski bag is pressed into service on trips to the market-far better looking than the bags at the stores to use in lieu of paper or plastic!

These bags were so well made they are continuing to serve. We love our Marblehead Handprint bags. Thank you Molly & Kathy. Fond memories of years past.

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