Getting to know your home ground . . .

As a grandmother of two children who love go hiking and exploring the great out-of-doors, Questing Field Trips in their area will be my gift to them this Christmas.

Learning how the ground around us came to be formed by rain, running water, human activities, winds and glaciers scraping along the surface of the earth leaving fossils, wonderful rock formations, river beds and mountains in their wake is an on going theme of our special Field Trips.

We have visited a Museum of Science - always a favorite, a Shaker Village, taken a trip on a nearby river, trekked through historic sites and visited history museums, done some bird watching and hunted for fossils in a river bed at low water, to name a few.

I hope they do not tire of such adventures as long as I am able to go with them! We learn so much about our surrounds and each other on these special Field Trips.

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