Getting creative!

With Spring on its way... it is time to get creative before the gardens beckon.

I have been looking at doing more sketching with pencil and pen and ink, working with watercolors, doing acrylic pourings, working with photographs as well as developing new projects for the non-profit I am a part of. But first... I must organize the accumilated piles of papers that have gathered on the desk (and on the floor near by!).

Tips for dealing with the accumulated detritus:
  • Put all of the piles of papers, magazines, etc. on a larger surface.
  • Sort into piles and into the wastebasket when required.
  • Next take each pile and sort through again.
  • File the important things.
  • Try to complete the must-do pile immediately, ie: income tax related bookkeeping, order supplies.
  • Go through the magazines, newsletters, etc. keep what you must and give the rest away or recycle.
  • Have a place for each area of interest, ie: genealogy, specific projects,  must-do. Add more book shelves and file cabinets when you must.
  • In the future - when the mail arrives stand over the wastebasket and throw away everything you do not need immediately.

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