The importance of temperature...

Cookbooks use to say, "Cook until done."

Now you have to find the temperature for doneness. How are we to know when that is? Press on the top until it bounces back or it does not!? Stick a sliver knife in and when the knife comes out clean the item will be done? By smell, look or time?

Tired of hovering over the seafood trying to cook it to perfection, I ordered this remote reading thermometer. It is an America's Test Kitchen - Winner.  

ChefAlarm® Cooking Alarm Thermometer and Timer

It is now a winner at the Annisquam Herb Farm. My bread comes out perfectly at 200 degrees every time. Pork at 140. Fish - 120 to 140 depending on the species. One less thing to worry about!

I have given the ChefAlarm as a gift to a busy Mom and a man who is trying to be helpful:) A great gift idea for Fathers' Day!

I tried a few of the many available at Amazon and returned them. This is not listed on Amazon at the moment but is sold directly from Thermoworks.


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