Peach tree questions . . .

young fruit tree in July
Last year there was a little leaf curl and some brown rot.

This time of the year I have used a dormant spray on my peach tree. In researching what to do this year in keeping with an organic approach I found Articles on Holistic Orcharding - Pure Neem Oil by Michael Phillips*. I have added his recommended treatment to the garden schedule.

I want to thank him for the information he was willing to share in answering my questions!

Now - on to reading about Kaolin Clay to keep fruit-eating pests at bay. And - add his book, The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist, to the list of must-reads. Plus a road trip to Groveton later this year?

* Farmer, writer, carpenter, Michael Phillips, Lost Nation Orchard, Groveton, NH.

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