Composting 1, 2, 3

No room for a compost pile or bin?

If you have even a small garden area you can compost.

Collect your compostable materials in any water tight vessel. Easy ways to remember what to compost - no fins, feathers or fur. Or - if it grew out of the soil it can go back into the soil.

Grab a shovel or trowel. Dig a hole twice the depth of the amount compostable materials in a spot beside your plants. Toss in the compostable materials. Chop it up 2-3 times with shovel. Put the loose soil on top. You're done. In a very short time all of the compostable materials will be transformed into rich soil your garden will love.

OK, so why compost anyway? Here are two reasons.

The taste of freshly picked vegetables and herbs can not be matched - so giving the plants the best food at a reasonable cost is high on my to-do list.

Most of us have some kitchen prep scrape daily. What do you do with them? Put them in the trash? They could be smelly in a short time. Over a year how much do you think you throw away? Ten pounds? Thirty pounds? Whatever the amount, when you put it in the trash it has to be moved by a car to the transfer station or put in a barrel or bag for curbside pick up. Multiply the amount you dispose of annually by the number of households in your town and that is a lot of compostable material being moved over the country side.

Think carbon footprint here for a start.

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