As the seasons go by . . .

I have been invited to join a walk in Dogtown Commons this weekend which started me thinking about the changes in the landscape and in our activities. Soon the leaves will be collected for mulch, the heather, boxwood and rosemary tucked in for the winter. The blueberries, rhododendron and lavender mulched, the perennials cut back.

The days will take on a different pattern. Plans for next year's garden will continue, intentions will be set to get all the projects done that have been waiting since early spring and an effort will be made to look at the PILE of literature beside my desk.

The first frost laid the horseradish low near the grapevine leaving it with its leaves looking like they had been sprinkled with sugar.

Oh yes,, back to the walk in Dogtown. We are fortunate to have so many beautiful places here on Cape Ann to walk and to sit and observe the changes on the seasons. I have a few special places I like to sit and soak up the energy in the air and the earth and the ocean. It is a bit like the garden - just resting after a busy season, sitting there being rejuvenated by nature.

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