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Bay laurel

Laurie Lufkin used fresh bay leaves in her shrimp boil which brought up a question. Christie wanted to know the difference between Turkish and California Bay Leaves. I did not know the answer.

Here is what I have found!

Altho' I have not checked it out, it seems bay leaves have been sold as Turkish or California but now may not have this distinction listed on the label so knowing what the leaves look like should help one discern what is in the jar of bay leaves on the store shelf.

The flavors appear to be similar. Turkish leaves have a subtler, less mentholated taste and are are healthier to consume. The information suggests one use bay leaves, especially the California variety, in moderation (1/2 to 1 leaf for 4-6 portions).

There are some good photos here of both leaves.

If you have some more information, please leave a comment!

Everyone enjoyed the No-Knead bread.
No-Knead Bread
No-Knead Bread

Some used it to gather the last bit of sauce from the shrimp on their plates!

Thank you to Tracy & Ed Linne of Author Inc./Cook's Palate for serving this delicious bread in their home and for sharing the recipe with me.

The bread recipe can be found at New York Times/No-Knead Bread. I started with this recipe but never make it the same way twice!

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