Preparing horseradish . . .

When to dig?

Some people wait until spring but there wasn't any horseradish sauce left! So I dug it this week.

Dig around the root starting several inches away from the plant. Gently ease the soil up until you can pull the root out of the ground. Small side shoots will break off. They will regenerate for next year - have no fear!

Let air dry. Brush off the dirt. Trim any sections that are too small (I used some roots that were c. 3/8' dia. this year) and plant the cuttings.

Making the sauce

When you are ready to get started, wash the roots well. I use a scrubber or stiff nail brush to remove the outside surface. Peel if necessary. Cut out any discolored spots.

Lay the roots on a cutting board and slice into small pieces across the root fiber. You might be able to use a food processor for this first step. I tried a meat grinder last year. It did not cut across the fibers so the texture was very course.

Drop the chopped pieces into the food processor with cutting blade. Process until almost the texture you want. Pour organic apple cider vinegar in very slowly. Stop when the mixture looks a little dry. Put into glass containers immediately.
Be careful the fumes do not get into your eyes.

I use preserving jars with white plastic covers.

Store in the refrigerator.

This makes a tasty spread on crackers. And great gifts too!

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