Herb Faries

Herb Fairies will be available beginning May 1, 2012 at Noon!

Children (and adults) will learn about the plants we see underfoot there in New England all year long with Herb Fairies

Check out all the details at Herb Fairies!

Herb Fairies, created by the Gallagher Family at LearningHerbs who created a favorite game in our family, Wildcraft

I have been a Member of HerbMentor, a subscription service, since it was first offered.  HerbMentor offers tremendous amount of information to the subscribers on herbs: how to identify plants, what to do with the herbs, recipes for food and healing products and much, much more!

The Gallagher's work has created a springboard to others interested in a healthier way of life and spawned several commercial endeavours as well.

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