Euphorbia on the wall


After the welcome rain the Euphorbia is in full bloom. 

Winter of 2006
A good plant for rock gardens, this Euphorbia given to me by a gardening friend, is on the top of the retaining wall nicknamed the Great Wall of Annisquam. This wall holds the drive turn around back with beautiful, huge, local stone. The original wall was built from quarried stone the front of which fell into the garden when the cement truck arrived to pour the new floor in the house. There were a few moments when all thought the truck was going to follow the stones! The new wall constructed by Jim Ketchopulos and his daughter, Mariah is a thing of beauty!.
Ground Phlox and Euphobia on the retaining wall

The Euphobia is joined by Phlox, a beautiful ground phlox in lavender, the perfect compliment to the yellow of the Euphorbia! This was a Mother's Day gift from my niece several years ago. It has thrived in this dry location where is does have shade in the heat of summer afternoons.

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