Spring ritual . . .

Spring, a time of new beginnings, presents horseradish to be harvested.

The wonderful roots spent last year beside a pile of chicken manure and thrived. Soon we will be taking the brisket out of the brine for the annual St. Patrick's Day family gathering and feast. Horseradish is a vital part of this special dinner for many of us!

First you find the dried leaves from last year in a pin-wheel. There may be a few leaf buds that that have popped up in the center. With a good-sized shovel and a bit of patience dig the root. It can have many pieces heading out in several direction. Leave the small roots in the ground for next year's harvest. You can harvest horseradish anytime you need it. Leave your plants in for two growing seasons before harvesting. Keep its spread under control by digging any plants that have spread beyond the limits you have set.

The root will be washed and scrubbed or peeled to reveal the creamy white flesh inside.

The recipe is in A Circle of Recipes by the Annisquam Sewing Circle. It is a bit time consuming but well worth the effort! This recipe is for Prepared Horseradish, not Horseradish Sauce which has other ingredients. This is just plain and simple - horseradish root and vinegar, delicious!

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