I Love My Plant Nanny's!

A plant saver this year!

This was a very dry summer. Keeping up with the watering took vigilance. The Plant Nanny's were a great help.

For several years I have added to my collection of the Plant Nanny which now number twelve. I used them in my Bay laurel which is in a large pot and comes in the house in the winter, in the thyme which is in a shallow, terracotta pot and lives in the greenhouse during the winter and right in the ground around the zinnias, chard and sunflowers.

Watering is so easy using the plant Nanny. If the water level in the wine bottle has gone down quickly than additional water may be needed. Refilling the wine bottles in a five gallon bucket is a breeze. 

You can add Neptune's Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1 (Gallon). In the winter I add a little in the bottles for the Bay laurel which keeps the aphids at bay. It is available on Amazon but might be more reasonable at your local garden center or hardware store.

I had noticed some were not working as well as in past years. At the end of the growing season I put all of them in a bucket of water to start the cleaning process. After a good soak most of the soil dropped out with a good shake. What remained came out easily with a bit of prodding with an ice pick. A final scrub with a toothbrush did the trick. A few will be used in the house. The rest are ready for Spring!

Plant Nanny 4 Count Wine & Plastic Bottle Stake Set Plant Nanny's are available on Amazon

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