Summer squash, Artichokes & Blueberries...


After three days of higher than normal heat, we have having much needed rain. 

The sad news first - A new bad was created in the spring and ten broccoli seedlings were planted in it. They were coming along very well until - the heat hit. The soil dried out extremely fast. The plants were nearly all reduced to skeletons. It is a perfect example of the soil not being amended well enough before the plants were installed. I have no one to blame but myself! 
The good news - the oldest blueberry bushes are loaded wit berries. Even the four transplanted shrubs have berries. The summer squash has put out a few baby squash. The artichokes, started in the greenhouse last year have a blossom a piece on five of the six. 
Now the bad news/good news - the artichokes are planted MUCH to close together so a new bed must be prepared for them.

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