Adding herbs to your garden . . .

Adding herbs to your garden can multiply your enjoyment many times over. The aromatic plants bring pollinators to the neighborhood which improves the production and beauty of all your plants and many can be used in healing products.

This comfrey, Symphytum officinale, also know as ‘knitbone’, is a volunteer at the Herb Farm. It is used externally in healing lotions and salves and as fertilizer for the soil. It is fast growing, has lovely flowers and large, hairy leaves making an impressive display.

There is an ongoing discussion about the safety and uses of comfrey. Do not take comfrey internally. Do not use comfrey while pregnant or nursing. Do not apply to broken skin as it accelerates the healing of the skin. Be very sure the wound is very clean before applying any product containing comfrey. Erring on the side of caution do not use in preparations for children.

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