Lovage (Levisticum officinale) . . .

One of the lovage plants will find a new home thanks to a customer visiting the North Shore from Florida!

Lovage is a lofty perennial aromatic plant belonging to the Apiaceae family. Also in the same family are angelica, anise, caraway, carrot, celery, chervil, coriander/cilantro, cumin, dill, fennel, Queen Anne's Lace, parsley and parsnip.

This perennial herb has green leaves and greenish yellow flowers. All parts of the plant are highly perfumed. Its scent and flavor is similar to celery. The tall stems have long, flattish leaf stalks that are eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable. Leaves of lovage are commonly used for adding flavor and zing, particularly in soups

In May I added lovage and Egyptian onion to a lamb stew to improve its flavor. The cilantro family made itself known.

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